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New Trumpet Ministries was established online in 1998 after Bible College and a word from The Lord that I was called to be a "new trumpet." Little did I know in 1998 just what that meant or where it would lead me. In the beginning He used "the gifts" He'd given me to plant the seed of His Word deeply in my own spirit. Song by song He taught me His Word and His Love. The album: The Master's Call below is a collection of some of those earlier songs & psalms. I also wrote many children's songs because I love children of all ages and believed I heard a commission to put the whole Bible into song for them. I wrote many and I taught some of them at summer Bible camps and a few children's ministries I was involved with. Only a few of those have as yet been produced (see The Bible in Song for Children below). Lyric sheets and chord charts are available for some albums, particularly for Triumph of a Nation. Those are under the appropriate album when available. The website is still a work in progress, and many completed songs and psalms are yet to be produced.

Please explore each album with the navigation buttons at left. Each album is explained in general in more detail under the Inspiration heading for each album. And under "Background" many of the songs/psalms are further explained. This is particularly true for Triumph of a Nation.

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The Master's Call

The Master's Call is Christian inspirational in a folk/pop style The songs are either Scriptures set to music or Scripturally based. Words and music to all songs (except Amazing Grace) were written by Rhoda Daniel. Most of them in this album were given under inspiration to teach me a specific truth. The more I sang it, the deeper into my spirit that particular truth went until I become one with it and I was then given a new song. To see more album details and information on individual songs and for sound bites, click on the album cover to the left.

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There's a Train a Comin'

The album style is Country overall, though an occasional song sounds more folk/pop. Words and music to all songs on the album are by Rhoda Daniel. The album was originally titled Country Christian when first produced in 1995 with a live band. Some songs are overtly Christian; others have Christian principles as their underpinning. Most of the songs are based from real life events common to us all. And writing several of them was cathartic enough to free me from any further emotional bondage from the experience.

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The Bible in Song - Joshua &Judges

This is the first release of what is planned to be a large project covering all major heroes and heroines and principles of Old and New Testaments. This first release contains music from Exodus, Numbers, Joshua, Judges, and I Samuel. The first four songs were arranged in a light style perfect for young children (3-7). The last two were arranged with slightly older children in mind (6-11). Words and music to all six songs were written by Rhoda Daniel. These are scriptures set to music put in the first person so children actually sing the truths into their spirits.

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Public School Prayer in Song

This song is based on the prayer created by the Board of Regents of New York State's public school system. It was recited by New York students from 1951 to 1962, when the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. I was inspired to put this prayer to music, and to return it to children nationwide.

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